WW1 Photos Centenary Website: 2014-2018 By Paul Reed

Face to Face With the Russians

An image from the collection of German Gunner Leo Rosenthal was published yesterday. This image also comes from his album and shows Russian peasants in an unknown village on the Eastern Front in 1916. Germans like Leo, who came from Cologne, had never seen the sort of poverty they encountered in Russia. There is no evidence that the sort of atrocities committed in WW2 happened in WW1, and although Leo’s album shows him and his comrades engaging with the locals and playing with children, the looks on the faces of those in this image says it all.  Leo noted that this was one family; the mother on the left and all her children, some of whom would no doubt have encountered men in field grey a generation later.

One response

  1. Risto P.Koovit

    Those seems like Latvians (excuse me if those are Lithuanians – I’m Estonian, and by my opinion those are our southern neighbors) in their national costumes.

    19/03/2012 at 13:05

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