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‘The Major’: A Siege Battery Commander in France

This photograph is from the same gunners photo album that yesterdays came from; the owner was an officer in the 218th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery on the Hindenburg Line in 1918.

The image of ‘The Major’ who is not named, gives a good insight into the way officers dressed in the last phase of the war. The old ‘cuff-rank tunic‘ with the officer’s rank on the cuff, which had cost some many young officers their lives in 1914 and 1915 had seen a resurgence and the Major is wearing his here. He has a sandbag covered helmet to reduce the shine in bright conditions, and straps indicate a map case on one side. Nearest the camera the Major has the container tin of a French gas mask held in a leather sling, with a first field dressing attached to it. The British gas mask could not fit in this tin, so we can only speculate what might be in it – perhaps a whisky flask?!

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  1. Helen Lawson

    Very long shot this… I was researching a relative and came across this photo… http://www.royalarmouries.org/visit-us/fort-nelson/the-life-and-phases-of-fort-nelson
    The Officer looks so much like a younger version of his major. That could even be his odd shaped cane in his left hand. The photo is of the 108th Heavy Battery RGA 1913.

    15/07/2013 at 00:08

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