WW1 Photos Centenary Website: 2014-2018 By Paul Reed

British Tanks at Cologne Cathedral 1919

A forgotten aspect of the aftermath of the Great War is the British Army of Occupation that entered and occupied Germany from 1919 and remained there for ten years. This first British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) was based in the Rhineland around Cologne and included infantry plus all the supporting arms.

This image shows two Mark V tanks of ‘L’ (12th) Battalion Tanks Corps, parked outside the steps of Cologne Cathedral. This unit had served overseas from 1918 and had been one of those selected to be part of the Army of Occupation. The tanks were obviously of great interest to the locals given the number of people who have come to see them!

Another good collection of photographs relating to the 12th Tank Corps in Cologne can be found on Flickr.

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  1. Tom Otomcio

    Reblogged this on Tom Otomcio and commented:
    Living in Germany it’s difficult to avoid the topic of WWII. There is evidence all around. Evidence in attitudes (the Germans avoidance of stereotypes) and evidence in the town planning.
    I can’t say I’ve given the Great War a single thought in the year I’ve lived here. And so, it was especially interesting to find this post by Paul Reed about British tanks at Cologne Cathedral in 1919.
    According to the BBC, we have around 20,000 troops in Germany today. This sounds a little high but then it is a habit of the BBC to point out continually how nasty we are. Daniel Hannan recently mentioned 15,000 in an interview. There’s a difference between troops and personnel, I suppose.
    Anyway, this is a great photo. Thanks to Paul. Visit his site if you have a moment.

    02/02/2012 at 07:11

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