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Last Summer Camp Before War


In the summer of 1914 Britain’s armies were on the move. Not the regular forces but the men of the Territorial Force, Britain’s ‘Saturday Night Soldiers’ who were departing all over the country for their annual summer camp.

This image from a century ago shows men of the the 15th Battalion London Regiment (Civil Service Rifles) at their annual camp on Salisbury Plain. But this camp was not to last. As July moved into August the road to war now looked almost inevitable as the battalion returned to London and most convinced they would be moving to War Stations in only a matter of days; and they would indeed be proved right.

One response

  1. Geoffrey Dickson

    My Grandfather was in the 13th London Rgt, The Kensingtons, he says in his diary, that when they got back to their tent line at Salisbury plain, they were then ordered to pack up and head back to London, and they were mobilized the very next day.

    30/07/2014 at 11:26

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